Frequently Asked Questions

Is LNG dangerous?
LNG is dangerous because it is stored at very low temperatures and it is a flammable gas. However, the possibility of these dangerous situations occurring can be eliminated if it is used in compliance with standards and the necessary safety precautions are taken.

Where can LNG be used?
LNG can be used as an alternative to other energy sources in all processes and in every area in which natural gas can be used.

Can the existing LPG tank and equipment be used for LNG?

The equipment that is installed for LNG can be used for LPG, but it is not possible to use a fuel system that consists of existing LPG tanks and equipment for LNG.

Is the installation performed for LNG compatible with natural gas?
If your interior installation is performed in compliance with the technical specifications of the local natural gas distribution company in your region, when the pipeline reaches your facility, you can continue to use your existing interior installation without having to make any changes.

Can LNG be used as a back-up fuel?
A minimum of 0.5% of the contents of the LNG tank must be consumed every day. Because continual consumption is required, LNG is not suitable as a back-up fuel.

Can the LNG system be installed everywhere?
The LNG system can be set up in areas that comply with the safety zones required by TS EN 13458.