Aygaz Doğal Gaz LNG Family

Stock Tank

This is a cryogenic tank where LNG is stored in liquid form at -162oC and consists of a tank within a tank. The stainless steel tank on the inside is used to store LNG while the external steel tank is used for isolation. Perlite and a vacuum process is used in all of the Aygaz Doğal Gaz tanks to minimize the tanks contact with the external environment and maximize efficiency.


In order to ensure a safe and efficient flow of the necessary amount of natural gas, atmospheric evaporators that do not require additional energy are used in the systems. The evaporators used in all of the Aygaz Doğal Gaz LNG systems are made entirely of aluminum to minimize your maintenance costs. In areas with extreme weather conditions, evaporators are assisted by electrical heaters. In applications with large volume consumption, hot water evaporators are used.

Other Equipments

Emergency cut-off valve: In emergency situations such as fire and earthquake, the flow of liquid is cut off with a remote control mechanism.

Safety valves: In situations where the pressure in the tank exceeds 5.1 bars, the gas in the tank is released by opening this valve.

Temperature sensors: By measuring the temperature of the LNG in the gaseous phase, gas that is colder than -18OC is prevented from entering the carbon steel lines by closing the liquid outlets on the tank. There are two temperature gauges in the system.

Multi regulator – economizer: This ensures that the pressure in the gas line remains within specified values. In the event that the pressure in the tank rises, it is activated to cut off the flow of liquid and allow the flow of gas.

Odorant: Under normal conditions, LNG is odorless. Therefore, it is odorized with mercaptan so that it can be detected if there is a leak.